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As we have grown as a training company we have become more increasingly involved with Management, Soft Skills and Personal Development Training.

We have now dedicated an area within our site to incorporate the courses along with overviews of most of the courses that we currently offer.

As with all of our courses the overviews are very generic in their content, all deliveries are bespoke to meet your objectives and closley follow your company’s development programme.

By adopting this attitude towards the delivery of the training we ensure that you and your staff receive the training that will greatest enhance their productivity in the workplace.

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Assertiveness Training for Managers
Change Management
Communication Skills
Customer Care for Telephone Helpline/Reception Staff
Effective Business Writing
Effective Minute Taking
Introduction to Facilitation
Interview Techniques
Negotiation Techniques
Office Management (One-to-One consultancy)
Organising and Running Effective Meetings
Introduction to Performance Management
Presentation Skills
Problem Solving
Project Management
Supervisory Management
Team Building Skills for Management
The Managers Toolbox
Time and Stress Management
Total Quality Management For All
Coaching & Mentoring
Train The IT Trainer
Train The Trainer